Why an Intensive?

In our on-demand culture, a world woven into a web, a place of immediate gratification in the ‘now’ of our frenetic lives, we desire change and transformation today. 

If your personal agenda for change coincides with the following, then an intensive may be for you. Intensives provide a jumpstart for therapy, enable an individual or couple to breakthrough an impasse, delegate a space for intense processing and allow for concentrated focused depth-oriented work for those whose schedules make weekly therapy a challenge. They are also an alternative to online counseling when the resources in your area are limited. 

Intensives and accelerated forms of treatment do not take the place of ongoing weekly therapy.

We know that certain tasks can be better accomplished with an in-depth, streamlined effort. As such, high doses of intensive, depth-oriented, goal-driven treatment can achieve even deeper longer-lasting results. And concentrated blocks of time allow for an all-out accelerated treatment and streamlined process.  You can accomplish in two or three days what might take six months in conventional weekly therapy.



Intensives are available to individuals for  the following concerns: 

· Complex Partner Trauma

· Trauma Recovery with EMDR and/or Hypnosis


Intensives are available to individuals using the following formats: 

Age Regression

Past-Life Regression


Couples Intensives

Research reveals that couples therapy is more effective when administered in intensive doses at the outset. It is for this reason, as well as others, that this method is offered by expert couples therapist, Dr. Barbara Winter. Working in 12-16 hours over 2-3 days is the equivalent to 3-4 moths of weekly therapy.

It is also for this reason that Dr. Winter strong recommends a 3-4 hour intake, a jumpstart, that essentially provides for the initial consultation, the individual assessment sessions and a working plan for couples who are local and opt for weekly couples therapy.


Am I eligible?

Psychotherapy Intensives don’t change everything. They provide an opportunity for a time-out to dig deep in an environment without distractions that the standard one-hour weekly time-slot fails to provide. This is not a quick fix; it requires a dedicated intense focused work with highly motivated individuals and couples who are ready to commit to change, regardless of the discomfort and consequences.

Intensive are not for everyone. In order to participate you must be willing, motivated and available to do the work. A telephone screening with each individual is required in order to determine eligibility to participate. 

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